About me

I am an assistant professor in Management Studies at IIT Roorkee. I am also a joint faculty in MFS of Artificial Intelligence and Data Sciences at IIT Roorkee.

My research interests are broadly in decision making under uncertainty. In the past, I have worked on several areas such as machine learning, optimization, game theory and queuing systems.

On these pages you will be able to find a lot about my technical interests. I hope you enjoy them and find them helpful to what interests you. I believe that a curious mind along with good knowledge of techniques can systematically approach several challenging problems.

If you are interested in the areas that I work on/would like to provide suggestions/have discussions on any topic mentioned in this site, please drop me a mail.


  • 09 June, 2023. Submitted a proposal as Co-PI to DST on AI-embedded Decision-Making System Architecture for Sustainable Traffic Management.
  • 05 June, 2023. Zoya Ahmad joined as a summer intern under SPARK summer internship program at IITR.
  • 11 April, 2023. Submitted a proposal as Co-PI to DST on AI Enabled Tech Tools for Mental Health and Yogic Sciences.
  • 20 Jan, 2023. Last date to submit the abstract for a conference on Sustainable Business Management.
  • 12-23 Dec, 2022. Attending a winter school on machine learning sponsored by Infosys Inc.
  • 06 Dec, 2022. Consulting work titled AI-driven trading platform for SmartAlpha Inc.
  • 1 Nov, 2022. Teaching machine learning module to train executives from Deloitte Inc.
  • 26 Oct, 2022. Muskan Goel and Gopal Saha will be presenting their research work in an International Conference on Shaping the Future of Management Education for Sustainable Emerging Economies SFME 2022.
  • 21 Oct, 2022. Paper acceptance on "Cooperative Game Theoretic Analysis of Shared Services" at the International Conference on Performance Evaluation Methodologies and Tools Valuetools 2022. with A. Mitra and N. Hemachandra.
  • 21 Sept, 2022. Started an executive program on PG Certificate in Strategic Supply Chain Management with AI.
  • 20 August, 2022. Teaching optimization module for times executive education certification program on Business Aanlytics.
  • 06 July, 2022. Paper presentation on "Cooperative Game Theoretic Models to Analyze Multi-class Queueing Systems" at the International Conference “Game Theory and Applications”(GTA2022) with A. Mitra and N. Hemachandra.
  • 09 June, 2022. Accepted the invitation for being Technical Program Committee (TPC) member in Valuetools 2022.
  • 10 May, 2022. Submitted a proposal on "AI-enabled decision support systems for smart mobility" to serb.
  • 12 April, 2022. Published a book chapter on "Learning in sequential decision-making under uncertainty" on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for EDGE Computing, a book chapter with N. Hemachandra and S. Bhatnagar.
  • 20 March, 2022. Teaching machine Learning module for times executive education certification program on data science and machine learning.
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